Wedding Dog Sitters

Animal Aunts is the first in the UK to provide official wedding dog sitters.  When you get married it is hard to leave our best friend at home and as we are beginning a new life together with our dogs, we should all be there together and in the photographs.  Animal Aunts will arrive at your home before the wedding and stay with the dogs while you get ready for your big day.  They will keep them calm and content during all the hustle and bustle, or take them out for a walk until you have left. Later your Animal Aunt can bring the dogs to the wedding to appear with the happy couple in all the wedding photographs.

October 2017 

Good Evening,

Just catching up after our very hectic wedding weekend, and having Auntie Lyn stay was an absolute pleasure, I don’t have enough good words to say about her – I was overly worried, the way Mollie is, how obsessive she is, velcro dog so you don’t have a second alone, lively, bouncy, crazy – haha, but with Lyn she clearly felt super secure as was a little angel and it made our weekend so much easier to manage.

Nothing was too much for Lyn, even washing / clearing up after our crazy wedding morning / taking Mollie out when we returned on Sunday so we could unpack and settle back in / buying cakes and enjoying our wedding celebrations.

We couldn’t recommend Lyn enough and she is super lovely, everyone got on with her it really was super, she really was part of our family over our special weekend.

Thank you so much once again for putting us in touch with Lyn – as you could say Lyn and Mollie were a match made perfect!!

Lucy, Mollie, family and friends, xx


July 2016

Hi Animal Aunts,

We got married on the 1st July 2016 in whitstable. Gerda looked after our two crazy sausage dogs for us from 10 to 2200, bringing them to the venue in all of their finery for some photos and meet and greets and then taking them away until the evening where she dropped them with our family. We are so so happy to have our doggies in our photos and we couldn’t thank her more for a hassle free, affordable service. Thankyou again. Iv attached some photos of the dogs at our special day.


Ross & Tricia