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    GDPR Personal data collection and storage

    We collect data from Clients enquiring about our services and prospective and current Aunts who apply to work.

    We collect the following data: Client name, address, telephone numbers, email address and all necessary information about their animals provided by the Client. Aunts names, address etc provided by the Aunt.

    We collect this data purely for the purpose of providing our service.

    Your data is only shared with the allocated Animal Aunt as required to fulfil a booking.

    No data is collected for external marketing purposes nor released to third parties. Clients and Aunts may receive optional occasional email correspondence directly from Animal Aunts Ltd and only related to their services. Clients and Aunts may request to be removed from these optional communications.

    All data is stored on a secure server on the premises with full security and back up.

    No data is stored outside of the UK

    Data is stored until requested to be removed by the Client or Aunt.

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