House & Dog, Cat, Pet, Horse, Animal Sitting

Prices start from £100/day and are based on the number of animals, the type of animals, the amount of work involved and the skills required. So what do you get for your daily fee?

  • The Animal Aunt will be caring for your property and animals for a minimum of 20 hours per day (mostly they do not use all of their permitted time off because they are so dedicated!)
  • Your dogs will be walked where, when and for as long as you have asked the Animal Aunt to walk them.
  • All your animals will be fed their normal food at the times and in the quantities specified by you.
  • Any medications will be administered exactly to your instructions and conditions monitored for any deterioration.
  • Stable routines will be followed, including exercise regimes
  • All your animals health will be constantly kept an eye on and professional help sought immediately when necessary.
  • Your animals will be loved and cared for just as you would and the Animal Aunt will continue with their usual routines.
  • Your house will be kept clean and tidy, your plants watered, your post picked up, and everything kept running as if you were there.
  • The security of your home will be greatly enhanced by not being left empty.
  • Any emergencies whether with your animals or your home will be quickly and professionally dealt with.

There is no minimum booking period for your Animal Aunt, so if you are just going to an event or have to be out for just a few hours we can still help you. The hourly rate will stand until the fee reaches what the full day rate would be for someone living in – then we charge the daily rate which will cover you for up to a full 24 hours.

Dog Walking:

Prices start from £30 per hour/visit for dog walking and will depend on the number/type of dogs, length of walk required and any other requirements you have during the visit i.e. feeding, medication, bathing, grooming etc. Mostly our dog walking services are available in Central London, Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex – however sometimes we can help in other areas when we have an Animal Aunt who lives nearby or is working near you.

Cat Feeding:

Prices start from £30 hour / visit for cat feeding. The Animal Aunt will visit, feed, check on, clean litter trays, top up water, refill automatic feeders, administer medication and spend some time with your cats. Again the service is primarily available in Central London, Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex but once again sometimes we can help in other areas when we have an Animal Aunt who lives nearby or is working near you.

Other Visiting Services

Prices start from £30 per hour/visit and are primarily in the same areas as dog walking (Central London, Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex) we can also offer other visiting services such as:

  • Short period full pet sitting service – we can look after your home and animals when you need to be out for a few hours – so book those tickets! The fee will not go above the full 24 hour rate.
  • Turning out/stabling/feeding/lunging/rugging up/administering drugs/other horse care
  • Post-operative care for dogs/cats
  • Short period care – during weddings or other family events when you do not want your property left empty and need pets/animals caring for
  • Help with puppies/kittens

How are fees calculated?

We try to balance value for our clients with our Animal Aunts receiving enough to continue working with us. We have managed to maintain very low levels of turnover in Animal Aunts which means we are very confident in their abilities to do an excellent job for you. The more the number of animals, hours of work and the higher the skill levels required the greater the fees will be.

How does the money work?

We will quote you a fee for the job. To make the booking we will ask you for our part of the fee (25%) – this also has VAT on it. When your Animal Aunt has completed the job they will give you an invoice for the remaining 75% of the fee (no VAT on this part) which you pay to them immediately. Animal Aunts are all self-employed.

Other charges:

  • Food float for residential Animal Aunts – Please give your Animal Aunt £7 a day float at the start of the booking to cover their fresh food. Please let them know what food in the house they can or can’t use. There is no need to shop for them!
  • Travel expenses: While we try to find Animal Aunts who live as close to you as possible we are not always able to find someone close by. The rate is 40p/mile by car or at cost on public transport. Travel expenses also need to be paid for pre booking visits but there is no charge for the Animal Aunt’s time.

Every assignment for Animal Aunts is different so please ring us on 01730 821529 to discuss your particular requirements so we can quote you an exact price.