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Horse sitting

  • Going away on holiday or business? Taking a horse to an event?
  • Who will look after the rest of the yard? Who will muck out, feed and exercise?
  • Who will keep the hunter fit?

Animal Aunts have a large team of highly experienced equine specialists who can undertake the care of your horses when you can’t. Most of our team have been with us for many years and have skills covering the whole range of equestrian work. Whether you have competition horses, family ponies, show horses, hunters or anything else we will have a ‘horse sitter’ perfect for you.

Rather than having to box your horses and transport them to livery – your horses remain in their home environment, have their usual routine, have their regular feed, and their normal exercise – the only thing to change is the person looking after them.

Your horses will:

  • not become stressed by a different environment – but instead remain calm at home
  • not risk interactions with strange horses – but instead be familar with it’s surroundings
  • not be exposed to possible disease – but instead remain healthy at home
  • not have to be transported with all the stress / time involved – but instead be lavished with love by their Aunt
  • have the Animal Aunt living in and able to keep a close watch on them and deal with the unexpected quickly and efficiently

Your Animal Aunt / horse sitter may have BHS qualifications (up to Fellow) or not but will have many years experience of working with horses either professionally or with their own horses. Of course like most equestrian people our Animal Aunts also have a wide experience of cats, dogs and other pets. A number of them also come from farming / smallholding backgrounds and can also take care of chickens, poultry, goats, cattle and sheep.

For owners of horses being able to get away with peace of mind is easy – just ring the office and we can find someone to care for ALL your animals, your home and your horses.

No minimum booking period – whether going to an event for the day or giving us a try before going on a long trip – no problem!

Yard management / Stable relief

Need to go to hospital suddenly? We have a great team of horse sitters always ready to help in an emergency.
Farrier or vet coming when you can’t? Animal Aunts can! Whatever your needs and wherever you are, ring us.

  • Give us full details of all your needs
  • The more information we have the better
  • We can match an Animal Aunt to your requirements
  • Immediate back-up provided in case of emergency