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Any animal, any property, anywhere since 1987

The expert House & Animal Sitters, delivering top quality service since 1987

Animal Aunts have been providing excellent house and animal sitting services for over 36 years! With over 130,000 satisfied customers to date, you can be sure that our experience will provide you with peace of mind to take care of your beloved pets, home or garden while you are away.

Any animal, any property, anywhere

If you have to go away for a day or longer, on business, pleasure or even a hospital stay we can provide an Animal Aunt to suit your needs. We have over 300  Aunts throughout the UK poised to provide you with an excellent bespoke service here in the UK or abroad.

A safe choice

You may be thinking that a local independent sitter may be just the ticket but when you hire an Animal Aunt you are booking someone who has; insurance, references, DBS check, training, experience, back up cover, and a love of animals.

And let’s be honest, you wouldn’t leave your children with someone who doesn’t have these qualities so we’re guessing you’d want only the best for your fur babies.

We’ve got you covered

When you book an Animal Aunt you can be assured we can walk your dogs, groom the horses, feed the chickens, cuddle the cat, milk the goats, care for your home and much more.

There’s no place like home

Your Animal Aunt will live in your home and care for all your animals in their own environment, sticking to their normal routine. We will follow your instructions to the letter including any care requirements for sick animals. In addition, we will water your plants and look after your home with the enhanced security that having someone on the premises brings.

Prices for live in Animal Aunts start from £100/day and dog walking/visits from £30 per visit or hour – for more information see the Prices Page.

Book now

So, if you need a pet sitter for your Dogs, Cats, Horses, Parrots, Donkeys, Cattle, Llamas, Alpacas, Gerbils, Ferrets, Sheep, Tropical Fish, Geese, Rats, Snakes, Monkeys, Tortoises, Rabbits, Ducks, Parakeets, Chickens, or any other animal not listed here we are happy to help. We CAN care for them while you are away and we love them like you do! ❤️

Call our dedicated office staff now to discuss your individual needs and we will provide your personalised quote now on 01730 821 529. View more about the services we offer on our YouTube channel.