House sitters & house sitting services | Animal Aunts

House sitting

  • Going away and leaving the house empty? Worried about the plants or veggie garden?
  • Who will deal with any problems or take that delivery you are expecting?

Whether you have animals or not, Animal Aunts can house sit your property to suit your requirements – for example during probate, while empty to preclude squatters, if your insurers require a custodian / guardian, during renovation work, to provide a ‘waiting in’ service for deliveries or if for any reason you need your home caring for while you are absent.

Your house sitter will:

  • Keep your home neat and tidy as you left it
  • Pick up the post
  • Water your house plants (and look after your vegetable garden)
  • Enhance your home security by being there virtually the whole time – so that your house never looks as though you’re away
  • Set alarms and ensure all your normal security procedures are followed to the letter
  • Do some basic garden maintenance
  • Handle household emergencies such as a burst pipe / broken window / fallen tree – quickly, calmly and professionally
  • Accept deliveries on your behalf
  • Escort tradesmen around your property (with your prior approval) allowing them to provide quotations for you
  • Guardian services – your insurers may require your property never be left unattended and that strict security procedures be followed. Your Animal Aunt can carry out these duties

Our house sitters are very flexible and have a multiplicity of skills so if there is any additional service you require please let us know so that we can send somebody capable and willing to meet your requirements. You can then discuss with the house sitter what is required and agree with them on any additional remuneration.

Additional services available from Animal Aunts:

24 hour presence

Normally your sitter may leave the property for up to three hours during the day and one hour after dark for their own purposes – if you wish your property to be occupied 24/7 please arrange this with the office when you make your booking. We would normally get a couple for a job like this so that one can go shopping etc. while the other remains at your property. The charge for this is an extra £30/day paid directly to the Animal Aunt.

Gardening / Watering

Your house sitter will be delighted to do a little maintenance gardening but if you have large amounts of work you would like them to do then please come to an arrangement with them about this.

Plus an Animal Aunt can take on:

  • Mowing
  • Fruit picking & preserving / freezing
  • Spring cleaning above and beyond the day-to-day cleaning
  • Answering calls / taking messages / contacting you if required
  • For your horses – additional tack cleaning / rug washing / numnah washing / bandage washing
  • Try to keep access clear in snow
  • Maintenance / painting

Over the years our house sitters have been asked to undertake many different tasks and we can normally find someone to meet your particular requirements – we are very flexible – so give us a ring to see if we can help. Because we have a large team of house sitters located all over the UK we can normally help out in an emergency and get someone to you within a few hours.

Waiting in Service

If you cannot be there for that important delivery or for a vital tradesman’s visit then arrange for an Animal Aunt. They will wait in, then supervise the delivery or visit entirely to your instructions and either secure the property and leave or wait until your return to hand over. We do not have a minimum booking period and have people based all over the UK who can help.