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A Sad Farewell

31st March 2023 by

It’s a cliché often trotted out that it’s more of a family than a business, but here at Animal Aunts, it feels so true. We have been in business for almost 36 years and many of our Animal Aunts have been with us for many years.

These last few months have been particularly difficult with the death of 3 of our beloved Aunts. We feel it only right to pay tribute to them here, so their loved ones know how very much they meant to us as we bid them a sad farewell.

Auntie Julia

Julia died just before Christmas 2022. Julia was a fabulous Animal Aunt for 35 years. But more than that, Julia was a very close friend and confidante, supporting me from the very early days of Animal Aunts. We used to take a lovely annual trip to Jersey together – such fond memories.
Julia chose to work in her very local vicinity and must have fed thousands of cats and walked hundreds of dogs over those years. She was so popular with her Clients that they requested her to tend their animals not just year after year, but decade after decade! She is very sorely missed.





Auntie Jackie

Aunt Jackie passed away last weekend. Jackie was a full-time Animal Aunt since 2017 having been a member of the Women’s Royal Naval Service in her younger days. A hugely popular Aunt, she was adored by all the team, her clients, and the wonderful pets she loved taking care of. Here’s a message from one of her regular clients, on the news of her passing, that help conveys just how special she was:
“Thank you for informing us. This is devastating news indeed. In such a short space of time, Jackie became very dear to us, she touched our lives with her kindness, her candidness, and her charisma. We’ve met few people like her. We are deeply saddened to hear of her passing. Our condolences to the whole Animal Aunt family. This is a loss for everyone. Tearfully yours
Rick and Fay”


Auntie Liz

Liz also sadly passed away last weekend. A former teacher, Liz and her wonderful partner Brian joined us in 2016. Rather strangely, they heard about Animal Aunts whilst volunteering on a blueberry farm in New Zealand, owned by other long term Animal Aunts Sandy and Terry – it’s a small world! What an amazing couple, both so much fun and a wonderful team. They looked after my own dogs, cats and chickens when I went away a couple of times and they were just perfect. Their clients repeatedly booked them year after year and all over the country. Liz was a ray of sunshine, so caring – it was our pleasure to get to know her. As one of Liz’s regular clients said: “Today the world is a much sadder place”.




A Little Poem for our Beloved Animal Aunts:


Animal Aunt, you were a treasure,

A true friend to pets beyond measure,

Your love and care for every creature,

Made you a pet sitter like no other.

From dogs to cats, from birds to fish,

You gave them all the love they wished,

Your kindness and warmth, a soothing balm,

To every pet that came to your arms.

You played with them, and talked to them,

You sang to them, and laughed with them,

You were their Aunt, their guardian, their guide,

Always there for them, by their side.

But now you’ve gone, and left us here,

With memories that bring us tears,

We miss you, Animal Aunt, so much,

Your gentle words, your loving touch.

But we know that you’re in a better place,

Where you can still love pets with grace,

Watching over them from up above,

A guardian angel of all pets you love.

So rest in peace, dear Animal Aunt,

Your love for pets will never end,

You’ve left a legacy of love and care,

That will always be remembered and shared.