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Hunting Pups!

18th June 2012 by

Oh dear Zeaver has caught her first deer! Actually it was not a deer, it was a fawn, really no bigger than Zeaver herself , poor little mite it was bleating in terror as Zeaver rolled itover and over, but luckily quite close to me, so I was able to get her off and the little fawn rolled over a couple of times then got up and leapt off into to the undergrowth. Zeaver was really hyped up and not listening to me on the lead for ages! She caught a baby rabbit last week .. clearly the terrier in her is a strong gene. They both chase squirrels avidly, but have never managed to get even close.

Then yesterday we were walking in the woods locally, when a huge fox ran straight past me with Zolli in hot pursuit inches from its tail. It was bigger than her! I am pleased to say though that they have not chased any horses or cattle since Zeaver was kicked a few weeks ago!
We had both pups in the field with the horses the other day and there was not a peep out of them!
Back to dog training walk on Wednesday with both of them, we haven’t been for a while because of the bank holidays.