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16th December 2016 by

Vivitonin is a drug that increases blood flow and therefore oxygen delivery to the brain, helping it function more effectively. The active ingredient in Vivitonin is called propentofylline which is a xanthine drug, in the same family as caffeine. This increased blood flow can improve demeanour and behavioural differences in older dogs and increase willingness and ability to exercise.

Vivitonin also increases blood flow to the heart and muscles as well as acting as a bronchodilator, a substance that opens up the airways, so it useful for a range of other conditions involving the heart and lungs. It can help prevent abnormal heart rhythms and causes the heart to beat more forcefully, improving circulation.

Vivitonin is made by the manufacturer Intervet Schering-Plough and comes in 50mg and 100mg, in boxes of 60 tablets. The exact dose required by your dog will be advised by your vet.


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