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Woodpeckers, Blackbirds and Wrens

Wild Bird Cam

21st June 2012 by



Wow.. the wild birds at Animal Aunts HQ garden are amazing! My brother fills the feeders daily with peanuts, wild bird seed and dried mealworms (which costs a fortune by the way!) and pretty much daily they are emptied. We were thrilled to see our Woodpecker teaching her baby to eat peanuts from the feeder .. the baby is the one with a red head ..click here : Woodpecker and baby!

My brother was getting logs in from the log shed and picked up what he thought was a log from the very back corner of the shed and it turned out to be a nest with five beautiful blue eggs in it. I am told these are Blackbird eggs and I am really hoping that the parents have not deserted it. It is back where it was safely tucked away, but of course when they nested at the back there were several piles of logs in front of it. I blame the dreadful weather, we should not be needing a fire in the burner in the evenings.. if the weather had been better, the nest would have been safely hidden away til after the chicks had hatched!

Not only that, but a Wren has nested in the back of a huge hay bale in the top paddock. she has three hatched chicks who are still breathing, so presume she is about but haven’t seen her yet.