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Wildlife Cameras

12th April 2021 by

We have been sharing our woodland wildlife videos over on social media and lots of you have been in touch to ask what kind of cameras we use. Well, I don’t mind telling you that with the advances in technology we have become a little bit obsessed with capturing the wildlife activity. We live in such a beautiful part of the world and are so lucky to have so many visitors including foxes, deer, badgers, owls, pheasants and so much more!

Wildlife Cameras

The motion activated cameras that we use allow us to get a snapshot of the animals when they come within range of the cameras and see what they are doing. There is also a nocturnal setting so we can see them when they are often most active, at night.
Each month or so we make a montage of the visitors we have to our woods, here is the one from March 2021.

This footage was captured using our Arlo Go cameras. They have a solar panel, so we never miss any activity due to low batteries, a problem in previous cameras we trialled. The model we have is no longer available, but they have a fantastic range including outdoor security cameras, baby camera monitors and video doorbells. We have had no problems with the camera which has been in situ for years.
We have also heard great things about Brownings and Bushnell cameras.

Live Stream Outdoor Cameras

If you have visited our website you will see that we also have our web cam live streams with cameras inside and outside of the chicken coop and aimed at our bird feeding area. For these areas we use Foscam. With Foscam you can monitor what’s going on through live or recorded video 24/7. Their cameras connect to your home network, which means you can view them anywhere across the world via an Internet connection on your smartphone, tablet or PC.  I also have one inside to catch Zopico, or as she is more commonly know The Thieving Tibetan, in the act of helping herself to treats!

Bird Box Cameras

Our latest addition to our cameras is our bird box camera that we bought from Wildview. This is an IP (internet Protocol) bird box camera kit that allows you to easily stream live video and audio direct to your mobile or tablet device in just a few easy steps. This is our first foray into bird box cameras and we are delighted with the Gardenature IP Camera Bird Box System.We already have our first nesters, this beautiful pair of blue tits. This is them on the first day they came to view. They are now very slowly (surprisingly slowly) adding their creature comforts. We’ve learnt that after laying anything from seven to 12 eggs, the female will incubate, while being fed by the male, for about 14 days (sound divine!). The newly hatched chicks will then be attended to by both parents during an exhausting twenty day period of feeding, after which the fully fledged birds will leave the security of their box in late May or early June to face the many perils of the outside world. We’ll be sharing any exciting developments over on our Facebook page.

Technology is moving so very fast and usability and quality of cameras is improving all the time. Take your time to shop around, read reviews and ask for recommendations. If you’d like to ask any questions about the cameras we use please send us a message.