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Wild Mushrooms

19th October 2012 by

We have just returned from a two night trip to Christchurch, leaving the wonderful Auntie Kate and Auntie Andy house sitting at Smugglers and looking after all of the animals. We stopped off in the New Forest on the way back hoping to find millions of beautiful Ceps. We stopped at three different places and there was nothing edible that I could see !

After all of this rain, I thought they would be exploding out of the ground and I was beginning to worry that we may have missed the season altogether, having had a mild frost last week. However, doggedly I set off in the rain at 7.30 this morning to a spot nearby where two years ago I found kilos of Porcini at August Bank Holiday, not feeling particularly hopeful as to date there has been no sign. But to my delight I spotted the first and ended up with a kilo of beautiful Penny Buns.



Here they are all sliced and ready to dry. Later we took the dogs for a walk the other side of Midhurst and lo and behold nestling amongst the heather and fir trees were loads of Ceps.. It seems they are very late this year and I am just praying we don’t have a frost in the next week or two.. Should be able to fill the cupboard with loads of dried Ceps. Here is the 3 kilo haul from my second foray today! Porcini Feast tonight!!


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