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Which Pet Sitter?

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21st July 2022 by

There are loads of pet sitting services throughout the UK so choosing one can be difficult. Naturally we would say we are the best but there are lots of great independent pet sitters out there and we are delighted that many of those excellent sitters have joined our team over the years!

Pet Sitter Must Haves

There are many benefits to hiring an animal/house sitting company such as Animal Aunts, some that became particularly relevant during the Covid-19 Pandemic, we list them below.


A professional animal/house sitting business will have greater availability and can accommodate your schedule including last minute requirements.

Back Up Plan

An animal sitting company has a backup plan if there is an emergency. If a personal emergency arises, another sitter (who is trained by the company and has access to the specific routine of your animal and can call the office with questions) is able to fill in, eradicating the concerns of an unreliable animal sitter.

Police Checked

All of our sitters hold an up to date basic DBS certificate and their references have been checked thoroughly. At Animal Aunts, we will not jeopardise our reputation recruiting someone who isn’t reliable, responsible and an animal loving person.

Liability Insurance

The animal/house sitter will be covered under the liability insurance of the company which PROTECTS YOU if something is damaged in your home.


Each animal/house sitter brings a different set of experience & credentials, here at Animal Aunts we specifically recruit Aunts with varied experience to ensure we have Aunts available to meet a range of needs, providing a bespoke service.


A professional pet sitting business will have systems in place to introduce the Client to the sitter(s) and the sitter will communicate through the Client’s chosen method so the client is aware of what transpired during the visit. This maintains the personal feel of hiring an individual pet sitter with the advantages of hiring from a company.


When an animal sitter is part of a company then there is a management structure in place that deal with the day to day aspects of running the business leaving the sitter completely free to focus their full attention on the needs of the Client.  At Animal Aunts a large part of the role at head office is matching the Client with the best sitter as appropriate to their needs, a luxury not afforded to independent sitters.

Peace of Mind 

When you hire a professional animal/house sitter  you have the peace of mind to enjoy your holiday or focus on your workday knowing that ALL bases are covered.

🐾 Our Animal Aunts have a wealth of experience taking care of all different types of animals including pets, horses and livestock. 🐾

By booking an Animal Aunt carefully matched to your needs you’ll feel assured that you’re leaving your pets in the very safest hands but don’t just take our word for it, you can read our up to date reviews here.

We can look after any animal, anywhere and love them like you do. ❤️