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What to Feed Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs

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5th July 2021 by

These days, with all the different dog foods on the market, it’s important to make sure that you know what food your dog is best suited to, and which isn’t good for them.

More often than not, dog owners will opt for cheap and cheerful dog food that may be easy on the wallet, but not so easy on your dog’s stomach.

It’s important that any food you buy for your dog is specifically catered to their health (as well as preferences!), to make the feeding process easier on their stomachs.

What are the symptoms of dogs with sensitive stomachs?

You can tell if your dog is struggling with stomach sensitivity based on their digestion issues. If their poo is looking a little different, or maybe even the frequency of them going for one has changed, this can be a warning sign.

Additionally, you might be able to tell by their behaviour. Dogs that are having sensitivity issues might act up a bit more, be less likely to go out for their walks or not want to play as much as they usually do. You may also find that their appetite decreases, and they aren’t as hungry as they usually are due to the digestive issues that they’re having.

What can you feed to dogs that have sensitive stomachs?

If you’re finding that your dog isn’t responding well to their usual dog food, then it may be worth trying to buy raw dog food for them instead. Raw dog food is great as it is pure meat and bone and made with natural ingredients. Most importantly, there are no additional additives used to make the product any cheaper for the sake of it.

Producers of raw dog food prioritise the health of your dog and the quality of their food above all. Raw food for pets is usually grain-free so it’s easier to digest, and some have added vitamins and minerals to support your dog’s health.

What are the benefits of raw dog food?

Some of the benefits of raw dog food can include an improvement in behaviour, a glossier coat of fur, smaller, firmer and more regular poo, or even increased energy levels. If they want to play more or stay outside on their walks for longer, then that is a great sign that your dog is adapting well to the raw food.

How can raw dog food be beneficial for dogs that don’t have a sensitive stomach?

Even if your dog doesn’t have a super sensitive stomach, but their poo is getting a bit hard to handle, the raw dog food can decrease the smell; making it a little easier to manage. Additionally, dog owners that choose to feed their dogs raw food find that the picky eaters of the canine family are happy to go for the raw option.

If you’ve been advised by a vet that your dog is overweight, raw food will also be great as part of a weight management programme, helping to get your dog’s weight down in the healthiest way possible. Don’t forget to always consult your vet before changing your dog’s diet!