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To Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate?

11th June 2012 by


Wow, the weather is awful It hasnt stopped raining since last night and it looks set for the whole day! The hens are miserable, sitting under their house and not venturing out, the horses look dejected and the dogs are not even attempting to go out!


On Tuesday morning I took Zar1 to be spayed. It had been booked since her last season, but when we got there, the Vet said it was too early so having got myself all phsyched up for her operation we had to take her home again. Zopi, the Tibetan Terrier has been “bothering” her bottom a bit lately and it looks a bit sore, so we took her as well and she was put on anti-biotics and steroids. She does not do well on steroids, gets very thirsty and absolutely starving hungry so steals anything she can. The other morning we found a 2.5 kilo bag of Shipton Mill Flour on the lawn ripped open and emptied. I noticed that Zopi’s mouth was pretty much glued together and deduced immediately that she was the culprit! she has always been a thief.. have a look at the video below and see what she got up to one night before we obtained a cake box to defrost the dog meat!



Whilst at the Vet’s I took the pups for their end of first year jabs. My older dogs have not been vaccinated for several years now although they were all vaccinated for their first three years at least. There are so many different schools of thought on this. When I lived in Greece, I witnessed first hand the effects of parvovirus which is really nasty and swept through a large number of dogs in a very short space of time! But do we really need to be pumping our dogs full of chemicals every year?


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