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The biggest fattest mouse family in Britain

7th January 2013 by

I always order bird food from the RSPB in bulk as we have an amazing array of wild birds visiting our feeders. Have a look during the day at

I had a 12.75 kilo sack of peanuts stored in the stable with the sacks of chicken feed. We were sidetracked and forgot to put it all in bins. Three weeks later we were having a bit of a tidy in the feed room and noticed that the sack of peanuts was completely empty and yet unopened. On closer inspection we realised we had been robbed! We must have the fattest, laziest most lucky mice!

I just love that a sack of peanuts needs a warning that it “may contain nuts” but as it happened it didn’t contain any nuts, none, nil, nada!















Those meeces will hate this to peeces!





Update.. beautiful new feed bin from Animate the feed bin company.  The service was fantastic: friendly, quick, good value  and genuinely a lovely company to deal with .. highly recommended! That should put  a stop to the thieving Mice!

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