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Lovely warm caring horse sitter

3rd August 2016 by

Dear Animal Aunts, 

It has just occurred to me today that I have not yet spoken to about Wendy’s stay! I tried to call shortly after & didn’t get through so thought I’d phone back later, then got caught up with life!

 Just wanted to say how delighted we were when we first met Wendy, it was immediately apparent what a lovely, warm & caring person she is, which gave us so much confidence as we set off on our holiday.

 Wendy’s texts & photos we received daily were a very welcome comfort.

 As you are aware Bonnie had a bout of colic whilst we were away & Wendy cared for her superbly.  I was so glad she was here!  Previously when we have been away we have had a free lance groom come during the day & a separate non horsey person to stay in the house.  I doubt very much that the previous groom would have seen Bonnie’s behaviour as she would have mucked & left by 11am.  So the fact Wendy was able to watch her all day was very fortunate both for Bonnie & myself.  I dread to think what would of happened without Wendy’s decisive action!

 When we arrived home early evening Wendy had cooked us a lovely meal which was very thoughtful & very welcome!

 Both the house & the yard were maintained exactly as we would & the horses all look very happy & relaxed, so we couldn’t be happier.

We will definitely be using Animal Aunts again.

 Thanks so much,

 Kind regards,

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