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Dogsitter ‘a natural’

12th September 2016 by

Hello Animal Aunts,

We would like to thank you so much for arranging Ione as our lovely Animal Aunt for our new little twelve year old dog Hugo, a Bichon Frise/Maltese Terrier cross.    We were amazed that you turned our request around so quickly.

 Hugo suffers from separation anxiety and clearly became extremely upset during a short trial in kennels, so we were pulling our hair out as to what to do when a holiday loomed in a few days.   Luckily we saw your advert in a magazine and jumped at the chance of someone to look after him and our home.

 Iona was just a natural with Hugo and it was clear that our little dog took to her instantly too.    It was a great relief to know that he would be loved, cared for and kept safe while we were away.     We can’t begin to describe how relieved we were.

 On our returned after two weeks, it was great to come home to find a completely chilled out dog.    We are so, so grateful.       Iona had also looked after our home very well and on top of that made us a lovely meal to come home to.      Could not ask for a better service.     We will definitely use Iona and your services again and have been proud to tell others our story.

 Thank you so much.


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