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Decade of Dogsitting

17th March 2017 by

Dear Gillie,

I wanted to congratulate you on your forthcoming 30th anniversary. It’s a real achievement to build and maintain a strong business for all those years – I also started my business about the same time and still operational today.

I have been a client of Animal Aunts for nearly 10 years.  I can’t remember how we got to hear about your service, but boy it was a life saver. When we got Lara a German Shepherd at the age of nine weeks, it did not take too long before we noticed that she had ‘problems’. She was a boisterous, intelligent pup that had a neurological problem – according to Fitzpatrick Referrals they thought that she might well have MS and probably would not live longer than about two years. Lara had an extreme habit of chasing her tail and falling over as she would often lose her balance. She was also very immature in her interactions with other dogs – barking in their faces which was not always well received. I remember speaking to someone at Animal Aunts expressing my concerns and asked if they had someone who could manage Lara. You were so reassuring and recommended the lovely Ian. He was brilliant with Lara and he has cared for her every time we have gone away for the past nine years. Obviously her condition did not escalate and although she is getting old and the effects of her condition are only  now becoming more acute. However, she is still active and the bond with Ian is ever strong.  I thank Animal Aunts for their support over the years and have recommended your services to many people.

 Good luck with your celebrations – I hope you get lots of lovely publicity too.

 Kind regards

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