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Taking Fido – pet passports

to go or not to go?

27th March 2015 by

ZambiaThirty years ago when I returned from Greece after living there for 6 years I had adopted (or been adopted by) a ‘Greek Mountain Dog’ Zambia – she was Greek and came from the mountains of Crete. The problem was in those days there were no pet passports there was 6 months rabies quarantine. Could I lock up my best friend for so long, could I afford it? In the end I knew I couldn’t leave her and we both had to endure the ordeal.

When it became possible to take your dog, cat or ferret to Europe some years ago the procedure was very complicated, very expensive and slow. Over the last few years the whole procedure has become simpler, giving you the option to take your pets with you and the family. So what are the rules? – this page on the Heathrow website gives you all the up to date information you need.

The decision is yours.


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