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Rain, rain go away

2nd January 2013 by

OK thats enough now! What utterly terrible weather we have had all over Christmas. We had a couple of guest hens staying in our greenhouse for a week over the festive period, they settled immediately with a nice little hen house to sleep and lay in. We were delighted when they gave us two eggs everyday as rent! I think they were quite a lot happier than our own hens who spent the whole time under their house in as much shelter as they could find, looking very miserable! We also fed a friend’s three geese nearby each day and of course our own horses, who spent most of the time devising new ways of blasting through the electric fence, if it hadn’t already blown down in the wind!

We walked the dogs in howling gales and rain and when there was no rain, we were pretty much up to our knees in surface water or mud! I think I should write a review of Berghaus waterproof jackets and trousers which are absolutely awesome! I have had them for over a year and they have kept me dry whatever the weather! On the bright side, we have so far had no snow, no frozen taps or pipes and no icy roads so I can only count our blessings. Our two cats spent their whole time squishing themselves into every box they saw whether they could fit or not, or sitting on their cat-shelves but I never once saw them go outside!

Lets hope that 2013 will be busy, happy, healthy and prosperous and that the weather is rather better than 2012!