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News from the front line.. The trials of being an Animal Aunt!

29th November 2013 by

Well, the chooks are let out for about an hour twice a day; there is like a yard for them, but they need CLOSE supervision; I do quote customer instructions. One needs to sit with them…….So, I let them out & did their feed & water; they milled & mooched as only chooks can do. This isn’t too bad thinks I.

HUH!!!! Little did I know they were lulling me into a false sense of smugness. Now I was told that it has been known for the odd bird to visit the neighbour’s place after scaling the fence. Well, there I be doing my keeper thing with the food & water & they set up a disturbance/distraction; my attention duly distracted AND they are such a dangerous unruly mob when they get their feathers up I tell you!! Most of the crowd have made it back into the run. “That was easy” said my relaxed & over confident mind.
Then just as I thought the last one was heading back into the run- that’s exactly what she did. Run with full vocal support from the others. Have you ever heard 11 chickens yelling & screaming at full voice their combs full & pulsing with excited oxygen enriched chicken blood.

I was beginning to think that I wouldn’t see lunch time.

I’d been warned about ….Claire.

There was just a small gap between the wind break & the garden edging; small enough for a determined,focused,dangerous chook. Claire was off.

Without a thought of personal safety I thwarted the now en mass attempt at a full blown breakout as they all saw Claire’s break as a signal for freedom. Slamming the wire gate closed & trusting my wellbeing on flimsy, plastic coated wire I spun round in gumbooted feet. Claire was good, she led me a merry chase under the bench seat around the now dormant apple tree. I lunged to the left, I lunged to the right; alas one too many cheese & biscuits with Noel I feel. My chest heaved, lungs screamed, leg muscles trembled & twitched with all the sudden acceleration, adrenaline pumped & coursed.
With one last dive & roll I made my attempt to restrain Claire.
The helimed team were spectacular when they landed the chopper on the road; they seem to think they can save my leg but the facial scars will haunt me. Sadly several of my fingers were too badly lacerated by Claire’s flailing, razor like beak & June will now have to find another canasta partner.
Crumpled & beaten I may have been, but Claire was contained & returned to confinement. I don’t think I will ever eat eggs again.
Your intrepid Aunty,

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