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New website for Animal Aunts

17th December 2015 by


It was May 2012 when we excitedly announced the launch of Animal Aunts brand new website, only to find 2 and a half years later that it is outdated and “old hat” so we have built a new one!  The new Animal Aunts website is now mobile and tablet friendly so should work nicely on any device.

A massive thank you to Dan Spencer, Trog Tuite and Pawel Rog for all of their hard work in building the site and sorting out metatags, key words and all sorts of things to make us super popular with Google and therefore hopefully right up at the top of the page rankings. It is a whole new language to me!

You will see that there are various different pages for catsitting, dogsitting, horsesitting and petsitting have a look around to see which service suits you the best. Read all the lovely comments on our new testimonials page and meet the team in the office. You will note there is a “Client area” which is not live yet but in 2016 we hope to have a Client portal installed so that Clients can make, change or just check their bookings, but this will be later.

Are you getting married? Animal Aunts is the first in the UK to provide dedicated Wedding Dogsitters, who can bring your beloved dogs to the ceremony so they can appear in the photos of the big day.

Did you know we also have several Animal Aunts who can keep a friendly eye on your elderly relative and lend a hand where necessary as well as looking after your animals while you are away? We call these our “Granimal Aunts”. Whatever your requirements,  even in an emergency, we will find the right Animal Aunt for you, your home and your animals.

Have a look through the site and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email.

We hope you like the Animal Aunts new website and look forward to helping you go away with peace of mind that your home and animals are beautifully cared for throughout 2016 and beyond.