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Naughty Merlin!

10th September 2012 by

Last Thursday we had the “back lady” Jenny out to look at Whiskey’s  back.   He has been so very naughty  lately and seems to have got worse not better and it seems the reason is a bad back. Jenny was extremely thorough and  advised Heidi to do neck  stretches with him everyday and put the Tens machine on his back for 15 minutes every other day and lunge him in a Pessoa every day.  she would return in two weeks to check up on him.  Deep joy!  That is all fine as Whiskey is Heidi’s horse, so naturally she will be able to do all of these treatments.  On Saturday morning however, Heidi went for a very successful interview on a training yard and then she and her Mum went off in the trailer with Merlin to do some Cross Country training .  A couple of  hours later,  I had a call saying that Merlin had bucked Heidi off and had somehow caught her ankle with his hoof breaking it!  So Heidi has had a couple of pins put in the ankle bone and is  a non-weightbearing  for 6-8 weeks! Luckily Jenny, the back lady has since advised that we give Whiskey the time off and a couple of weeks before Heidi is ready to ride again she will return to check him over so he is all ready and fit to be ridden then.  so we seem to have two big horses who are Heidi’s big projects and she has gone and broken herself! eh well…horses are like that!

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