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More dog training, wild garlic & a load of rubbish!

wild garlic

17th May 2012 by

Took Zeaver for training on her own and she could not have behaved better…she was at heel at all time, and stayed sitting while I wandered away and returned several times. Really pleased with the progress. Our trainer says they are so obedient on their own, we can now go back to working on them together to see what progress we can make there. The training sessions are brilliant with such a variety of dogs, different each time we go, it is fascinating seeing all the different characters and their owners.

I have been walking them around and around Petersfield and Midhurst, meeting a huge variety of other dogs, people, children running about and in pushchairs which has been hugely successful. I have also walked them into the Vets three times and asked them to sit and wait .. determined they will be my first dogs not to turn to jelly as soon as we go near the Vet. They are really calm about it, so far! We are still not walking them with the other three as the pups become completely heedless as soon as they get with their Mum!

fly tipYesterday we walked up on the South Downs, Trog dropped me and the pups off at Uppark and he went over the hill and parked with the other dogs. The first few minutes of my walk was marred by an enormous fly tip in the middle of the track in front of the most beautiful view.. unbelievable. But the next two miles was just a sea of wild garlic both sides, I have never seen so much in one place and it went on and on the winding through it in the trees, it was glorious… then up tot he top of the hill was miles of bluebells as well as garlic. Wild garlic sells for £14.95 per kilo in our local farm shop.. picked just over a kilo in about 4 minutes!