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Hens with bald bottoms!

15th June 2012 by



Well we thought we had got the pecking a bit more under control, but it seems Black Rock is still at it. I think it started when Skanky died, she had not been very well and one morning was all hunched by the fence. We knew it was time for Trog to take her for the “special cuddle” .. but delayed while we walked the dogs. I think he has to build himself up to it a bit!.. Anyway when we came back poor old Skanky had been pecked and I think they got a taste for cannibalism then! Hindsight is a fine thing but I now wish I had taken Skanky out of the pen that morning! Poor old Skank! Last week, however Auntie Seonaid was housesitting and looking after five dogs. She was chatting to the neighbour who happened to have a great deal of experience with chickens and discussed our girls’ bald bottoms, which is quite common. So Auntie Seonaid came back armed some little ring things to fix to the culprit’s beak so she can’t grip the feathers to pull them out! We can only presume it is her as she has a lovely soft feathery bottom rather than bald and bright red as the others are. So we have fixed the little ring around the top of her beak… it looks horrid, but I have checked regularly to see that she can still eat and drink and it seems she can, here she is in the nesting box this morning looking quite relaxed! So watch this space.. hopefully the other girls’ bottoms will start to sprout some feathers!
Your pet sitter can care for your chickens as well

I would also like to remind the Crows who arrive every evening after I have fed the hens their corn that I can see them and they are not Hens much as they try to pretend to be!

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