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24th March 2016 by

MaggieMany of you know that Maggie has been off sick for the past eighteen months and although she is slowly improving, we have agreed that she will not return to work in the office here at HQ. Hopefully, without the pressure of feeling she must return to work, she can concentrate on getting well and fit. Maggie has been with us for sixteen years and is part of the family, managed Aunt’s registrations for all of that time as well as charming Aunts and Clients alike. Thank you Maggie for everything, you have been and will be sorely missed.

GillNext bombshell is that Gill is also leaving the office (I know, I know how could she?!) after fifteen years which is the most horrible shock, I am trying to be very brave and pretend it couldn’t matter less, but of course we will all miss her terribly. I know all of you will be devastated to hear that Gill is deserting us, but she has been lured away to work closer to home and try as we might to persuade her otherwise, she will be leaving on the 8th April. I know you will all join me in thanking Gill for being the most amazing support to all of us, she is so fabulous with Aunts and Clients alike, charming, fun and efficient, I don’t know what we will do without her, but the only constant is change. Thank you, Gill for everything.

Please join me in wishing Maggie and Gill the very best of luck and happiness in their new lives away from the office at Animal Aunts, but rest assured they can’t escape completely, they will still do some little bits of Animal Aunting, visiting etc.. so fear not we shall remain in touch and of course we can all keep in touch with them on Facebook.

Next news is that Donna (and then there was one!) and I will be joined in the office by Auntie Seonaid, who has been an amazing Animal Aunt on the road since 24th March 2000 (exactly 16 years ago today!) Her Clients will be mortified, but her life has changed and she is keen to settle in one place with her partner locally so this seems like a natural evolution for her. Seonaid has been looking after the Aunt’s registrations for Maggie for 18 months, whilst on the road and she will continue with that. Additionally she is very technical and will be vamping up our social media presence and of course supporting and helping both Clients and Aunts. Be gentle with her on the phone, the first few weeks are very daunting! For the record Seonaid is pronounced SHOW-NID !

So the times they are a-changing this Spring at Animal Aunts HQ. I now leave it to you all to amuse and abuse Gill as much as you like, you have one week in which to make sure she knows how much she will be missed. (Her last day in the office is April 1st)

Here’s to a super busy year despite travel disruptions, terrorists and strikes, Animal Aunts are ready with their bags packed to look after your homes and animals as if you were there.