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Gastroscopy demo at Liphook Equine Hospital

6th June 2012 by

Went to a Gastroscopy Demo at the Liphook Equin hospital the other day with my Goddaughter and her Mum. It was fascinating. Threw out the theory that the horse should not exercise on a full stomach.  The stomach is such a small part of the horse comparatively (to us say) that being full does not really affect their energy levels, indeed if the stomach is empty when the horse starts moving, the acid in the stomach starts to slosh about.. more and more the faster the horse goes causing ulcers to form. Whereas with a stomach full of hay the acid is contained and doesn’t slosh around! They are so common in horses now and the Vet,  Andy who was giving the talk said a lot of it is down to cereal in the diet which they are not really built to eat. More forage less starch and never exercise on an empty stomach seemed to be the messages. Such a large proportion of horses in the UK now have ulcers it is quite alarming.


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