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Dog Training..the Great Dane

7th June 2012 by

Took Zeaver to training alone last week; there was a wonderful young Great Dane who was very boisterous, but so funny. Also a pretty blonde Retrievery dog from Italy, a Spaniel, Beagle, Labrador and then Zeaver. We did some heelwork, recall and stay The Dane was let off the lead first with the Spaniel and the BeagleThe Beagle took no notice (nose to the ground and off) and the Spaniel quite quickly told the Dane firmly where to go, the Dane took notice but was a little less over the top with him. All soon settled down and then the rest were all let off the lead.

Zeaver looked like a pocket dog next to the Dane and kept rushing up tentatively to sniff then hurtling back to me ! It is quite funnywatching her… sometimes she behaves in a Collie way rounding up the other dogs, sometimes snaps and yaps like a Terrier and other times flying off like a can see all the different breeds in her!




Have a look at the video of the Dane doing her Stay and Recall… .[youtube_video][/youtube_video]




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