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Dog Blood Bank

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26th August 2020 by

Doggy donors

vet with dogDid you know that blood transfusion medicine goes back to 1665 when physician Richard Lower performed the first successful blood transfusion between two dogs, 150 years before the first successful human to human blood transfusion took place.

Fast forward a few centuries to 2020 and doggy donors are still helping to save lives. In 2018 3000 units of canine blood were donated which had the potential to save the lives of 12,000 dogs! Pet Blood Bank has been running canine blood exchanges since 2007 and provides veterinary surgeries with blood needed for poorly pets. With over 10,1000 dogs registered for donation to date. Just like us humans dogs also have different blood types and will either be DEA 1 positive or negative.

Pet Blood Bank also processes blood donations from alpacas and is working to create a blood bank service for cats! Isn’t science just amazing! Do let us know in the comments if your pet had benefited from a blood transfusion.

Below is a fantastically informative graphic  from Doggy Dream Team. 

Article update 26th August 2020.

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