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8th November 2017 by

Are you thinking of having chickens ? Worried about closing them up at night / letting them out in the morning? We have had chickens at Animal Aunts HQ for over 10 years now and one of the first things we looked for was an automatic door closer. At the time all that was available was a slightly Heath-Robinson machine consisting of two boxes connected by wires and which opened and closed using a timeclock. Of course in Spring and Autumn this meant constantly changing the clock – but it did work for many years. When it packed up 18 months ago we looked to see what was now available on the market and found a UK company – Chickenguard – who had designed a new, simple to install single box with a menu to set it up.

Good morning chooks!

How does it work?

The box contains the electronics / batteries and a little motorised winch. You need to have a lightweight sliding metal door and simply mount the box above to raise the door (if you do not have much room above the door you can get little pulleys so the box can be mounted next to the door). Once installed you simply use the menu to set up – first you ‘train’ it to set the fully down position and the fully up position. Now comes the cool bit – you can either set to open or close using the built in light sensor or at a specific time. I use the light sensor for both open & close in summer and in winter set the open to 6.00am & close using the light sensor. It is your choice – whatever suits you. We thoroughly recommend this to keep your chickens safe and your life easier.


Night night….




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