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Cattle grids

19th September 2012 by

One day a few years ago we were walking in a remote area and  had seen nobody for about 3 miles. We arrived at a crossroads in the woods with lovely wide tracks. In the distance  we suddenly saw a couple of people with a push chair.  Zinger  spotted them and ran off towards them without noticing  a cattle grid overgrown with nettles between us and the other walkers.

We froze as we watched Zinger go full tilt across the cattle grid and plummet down  through the bars front legs first then head straight into the cattle grid and then somersault out of the other side. There was the blood-curdling scream and we genuinely believed that his legs must have been smashed.  As we gently let him move we realised that by some miracle there appeared to be no physical damage to the legs.. a small, quite deep hole in his head, but his mouth was frothing and bloody. He was using his paw to try to remove something from his mouth, I looked in and the top row of teeth at the front were pushed backwards, flat against the roof of his mouth. I did not really give it a second thought, just “they shouldn’t be there” and put my hand in and pulled the teeth gently but firmly forwards into place.. I had never done this before and had no idea if the whole row would come out but he was instantly happier and having checked again he seemed fine, a little lame, but nothing broken. He happily walked back to the car.

We went straight to the Vet, who was amazed that there had been no more damage. I had apparently reacted correctly by pulling the teeth forward, the Vet said that it would have been a complicated procedure later on even that day. Fortunately, within a week, Zinger was chomping on his bones again with no further problems.