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Animal Aunts are getting their Paws on Plastic!

14th April 2020 by

What do 13,000 people from 80 countries worldwide have in common? They have all got involved with the Paws on Plastic initiative. What, you may ask, is Paws on Plastic?dog with litter

Genius in its simplicity, it’s a campaign started by Marion Montgomery from Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire in 2018. Members are asked to safely pick up a couple of pieces of litter when walking their dog and either place in recycling or dispose of it responsibly.

You may wonder what difference that could make, well if you consider there are currently over 9 million dogs in the UK alone if only a third of those dog owners collected two pieces of rubbish per day then that would mean 6 million items of litter picked up every day. What a lovely way to take care of our environment during our normal routine.

We paws-ed and reflected upon this and realised we are in a perfect position to contribute so we contacted our amazing Aunts and asked if they’d like to get involved and they answered with a resounding ‘yes’!

As well as collecting the litter we are on a mission to raise awareness so that more and more people take part so we are posting our ‘Paws on Plastic’ action shots on our Facebook and Instagram pages, if you’d like us to add yours then please do email them to us.

You can read more about the paws on Plastic initiative here or join their Facebook group.