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Animal Aunting – A Mum’s View

10th January 2014 by

A totally different aspect of Animal Aunting; how our parents and partners feel about us being on the road with this type of work. Mum of Auntie Charlotte (both pictured below) is clearly mighty proud of the amazing work she does!

So my Mum wrote some poetry in my Christmas card this year, as I was away :o)

My daughter is a worker; in fact she likes a slog,
But one thing she excels in is caring for your dog.
She travels where they send her, on her pre-planned steam,
visiting the nations pets, is quite her little dream!

Farmers, families, odd balls and those with house-sit needs,
Any pack of canines, no matter what the breed!
Chuck in a donkey, parrot, cat, horse or even two,
She will be there crack of dawn, sweeping up their poo!

She walks and rambles with the mutts,
Through fields so wide and far.
But says it’s nice to get back home
in her little red sports car!

Animal Aunt & MumWe are so lucky to have so many incredible Animal Aunts who have coped with the storms, no power, no water, fuses blowing, horses bursting though electric fences, and much much more with calm and aplomb
this Christmas and we are looking forward to many more adventures in 2014 Happy New Year from all of us at Animal Aunts at, HQ and all of the Aunties on the road.