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6 Reasons an at Home Pet sitter is Best

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13th March 2023 by

When you leave your home and tell your pet how long you’ll be away (as all pet owners do!), they tend to respond the same way on your return regardless of whether you were out for 5 minutes or 5 hours. That’s because animals have no concept of time! Likewise, going away, whether it’s just for a few days or a few weeks, may be incredibly exciting for you, but for your pets it can be incredibly stressful. As clever as they are, they aren’t able to understand that you’re going on holiday without them, and that you will come back soon. This is where an at home pet sitter can help.

Why Is an at Home Pet Sitter Best?

There are many reasons why a pet sitter who takes care of your pet at home can be a better option than boarding your pet at a kennel or leaving them with a friend or family member. Here are six reasons:

Comfort and Familiarity

Your pet is in a familiar environment, which can reduce stress and anxiety. They are surrounded by their familiar toys, smells, and routines, making it easier for them to adapt to the absence of their owners. Other pets in the home can be a great source of comfort, so keeping all the animals together will reduce stress too.

Reduced Risk of Illness

Your pet is less likely to become sick when they are in their own environment. Pet sitters who come to your home to take care of your pets can also monitor your pet’s health more closely and detect any signs of illness or injury early on. Furthermore, did you know that one of the most prolific illnesses is kennel cough? It gets its name because it used to spread rapidly through crowded kennel environments until a vaccine was created. When your pet stays at home, they are not exposed to any new contagious illnesses or parasites.

Personalised Attention

A pet sitter who comes to your home can provide individualised care tailored to your pet’s needs. They can give your pet their undivided attention and provide personalized care, such as medication administration, exercise routines, and feeding schedules.


A pet sitter who comes to your home can maintain your pet’s usual routine, reducing stress and anxiety. Your pet is used to their usual meal times, exercise routines, and sleeping habits, and a pet sitter can ensure that these routines are not disrupted.


Your home is less likely to be targeted by burglars when someone is there to look after your pets. Pet sitters can also bring in your mail, water your plants, and provide an overall security check on your home. Here at Animal Aunts we have many examples through the years of thwarted burglary attempts. Additionally, many Animal Aunts have been on hand to save the day in the event of flooding or other natural phenomena that left unchecked would cause the homeowner stress and expense.

Reduced Stress for the Owner

As a pet owner, you don’t have to worry about transporting your pet to and from a boarding facility, which can be stressful for both you and your pet. Guilt – be gone!

But be aware when booking a pet sitter that they are the right person for the job!

What Makes for a Good Pet Sitter?

A good pet sitter is sAn at home pet sitter cuddling a catomeone who is reliable, trustworthy, and caring. Here are some qualities that make a good pet sitter:

Experience with Animals

A good pet sitter should have experience with the types of animals they will be caring for. This can include previous pet ownership, volunteering at an animal shelter, or working in a veterinary clinic.

Knowledge of Animal Behaviour and Health

A pet sitter should have a good understanding of animal behaviour and be able to recognise signs of illness or distress in the animals they are caring for. This will allow them to respond appropriately to any issues that may arise.

Attention to Detail

Ideally the pet sitter should be detail-oriented and able to follow instructions accurately. They should be able to keep track of feeding schedules, medication routines, and any other specific care requirements for each individual pet.

Good Communication Skills

They should be effective communicators who are able to provide updates on how the pets are doing and respond promptly to any concerns or questions from the owners.

Patience and Compassion

A good pet sitter should have patience and compassion for animals. They should be able to handle any behavioural issues or anxieties that pets may have and provide them with the care and attention they need.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Someone who is flexible and able to adapt to changing circumstances makes for an ideal pet sitter. They should be able to accommodate changes in schedule or unexpected situations that may arise while caring for the pets. For individual pet sitters this can be difficult, which is where hiring a pet sitter from a company can be beneficial. Here at Animal Aunts, we always have back up pet sitters ready to step in at short notice. The replacement pet sitter will be fully briefed on the needs of the animals ensuring continuity of care.

Police Checked

When you are bringing someone into your home to look after your beloved pets, it stands to reason you want someone you can trust. Always ask for and check references, also ask the candidate if they have an up to date police check. All of our Animal Aunts hold an up to date basic DBS certificate and their references have been checked thoroughly. At Animal Aunts, we will not jeopardise our reputation recruiting someone who isn’t reliable, responsible and an animal loving person.

Liability Insurance

If you recruit a friend or neighbour to look after your pet please be aware that should something be damaged in the house you will be liable to cover repair costs. When you book a professional pet sitter they will be covered under the liability insurance of the company which PROTECTS YOU if something is damaged in your home.