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Live and direct from Animal Aunts HQ, we present the Chook Cam!

The automatic chicken door opens at 06.00 – they squeeze out under it before it’s fully open. Watch the fun. Laying is mostly in the mornings and we turn the camera onto the nest box – sometimes they try to squash 3 of themselves in at a time! The door shuts at 19.30 – watch them come in around sunset and nab their perches for the night.
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Outdoor ChookCam

Live and direct from Animal Aunts HQ, we present the Outdoor Chook Cam!
The chooks come out at 06.00 and are back in by 19.30 when their door closes. Watch them enjoying themselves clucking around their pen.

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BirdyCam 2

We now have our second ‘BirdyCam’ – this one has PTZ! (that’s Pan / Tilt / Zoom) so each time you come to it it may be zoomed in on a different feeder. It refreshes the picture every second – sadly we don’t have a fast enough internet connection to do full video but the quality is great and we can get a close up view.
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