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Bush Fire, Rogate

7th June 2012 by

Walked the dogs in the local Scout woods (that aren’t actually anymore but that’s a long story not for here) today and saw the aftermath of the fire in the wood. All very black and dismal. It was caused by an electrical fault and there were apparently loads of fire engines etc. There has been some controversy in the past few years over these woods culminating in the Scouts no longer using them for their camping which is a great shame. New fire pits were to be installed but some locals felt it was too dangerous even though there have been fire pits there for donkeys years with no problems at all. I gather a few voices murmured about Scouts, fire pits and the dangers after this fire, but it was caused solely by an electrical fault devastating a large area. Who knows what will grow through the ash.. maybe some long lost and rare mushroom or orchid that has been dormant under the bracken since the trees were planted… just waiting for a fire to help it grow…!