BARF Raw feeding for dogs and cats

BARF Raw feeding for dogs and cats

11th January 2013 by

I have advocated and used a sort of BARF diet for my dogs and cats for nearly thirty years. Usually they live ripe old ages, and one, Zambia (see her story on our home page) lived to over 20 and featured in a Dogs Today Magazine Golden Oldie Section 1997 when she was 19.

Even my cats eat absolutely anything and everything and love the variety.. They don’t particularly like sprouts if they stray into their bowls, but they pick them out! Can you imagine my delight when last week I received the following email from my American nephew who is in his early 30’s and has just obtained his second dog, a very beautiful Husky called Roman:

“As you saw on Facebook, I recently added a newcomer to the pack and I have been trying to figure out the best diet for him as he grows up. Lola is currently on a rotation of frozen chicken wings, beef bones, and dry dog food. I wasn’t sure if Roman could handle this diet, but turns out it is highly recommended for him. Since I got him, I have been feeding him the same as Lola (sans dry puppy food) and he is doing great so far.

While talking to a local pet store about his diet, they gave me some documentation about general pet care and puppy care. It is pretty much what you have been preaching since I have been a little kid, just written down. I really liked the way this was written and it made sense to me as a dog owner. I thought you might like to have a copy of it so you can pass it out to people who are feeding their dogs strictly dry food. I plan on passing it along to both my parents 😉 Jon”

Here is the website of the folk who advised Jon in Seattle .

Since he was a small boy, Jon has adored all of my dogs and indeed his first dog Lola is a small scruffy mongrel similar to my old Greek dog, Zambia.. Now he has adopted Roman and has gone for advice and I am so thrilled that it was, as far as I am concerned the best advice! If young Roman has nothing to chew on, he will eat the house and all its contents! Lola is loving her new companion.. albeit he will tower over her in a few weeks!

There are now so many small producers and butchers selling raw meat, if you can’t find a local butcher for bones, have a look online it is never too late and so easy to switch! Here are a few: